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About Dr. Dr. Clark Infusion Therapy Center

Alternative Medicine Doctors in Westchester County NYDr. Harold C. Clark has over 30 years’ experience in internal medicine and has been a proponent of integrated alternative medicine for many years.

He is one of the founders of FAIM ( Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine), along with the late Robert Atkins, M.D. and other well-known colleagues in the New York Metropolitan area.

Dr. Clark has worked in collaboration with physicians in Germany and Switzerland, and with them he has formulated protocols for treating patients post chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgeries, severe viral infections, depression, and anorexia, among other conditions.

Dr. Clark has trained with Thomas Rau, M.D., Director, the Swiss Paracelsus Klinik. For a number of years, Dr. Clark has also worked in collaboration with Dr. Ursula Jacob of Germany.

Dr. Clark believes that the body metabolizes vitamins, minerals, amino acids more efficiently when administered intravenously, and the effects of the treatments are felt almost immediately. The treatments boost the metabolism to fight viral, bacterial, and fungal infections, parasites, and autoimmune diseases. His therapeutic approach integrates many healing arts, and he works frequently with other medical colleagues to identify and resolve patients’ disorders. These treatments are safe and effective, and relatively inexpensive.

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