Alternative Integrative Medical Professionals In Westchester County, NY

400 Webster Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801

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Alternative Integrative Medical Professionals In New Rochelle and Westchester County, NY

400 Webster Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801

Schedule An Appointment With Us Today for Home

Alternative Integrative Medical Professionals In Westchester County, NY

400 Webster Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801

Schedule An Appointment With Us Today for Home

Alternative Medicine Doctor In New Rochelle, NY & Westchester County

Alternative Medicine Doctors in Westchester County NYIf you have been looking for an effective, safe, patient customized approach toward treating your health, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. The office of Harold Chandler Clark, M.D. specializes in providing patients with natural, sustainable forms of healthcare that will have you feeling your absolute best.

When you set up an appointment with us, we’ll give you a complete examination and perform a series of tests all the while making you feel as comfortable as possible. If a condition has been determined or you’ve come in seeking treatment, we pride ourselves on combining the best of alternative or medicine to get you on the road back to being healthy.

We believe in aligning people with their own natural rhythms. If we’re lucky enough to have you as our patient, you’ll love our modern, holistic approach to medicine. For over 30 years we have been proponents of integrated alternative medical treatments. Our treatments are safe, proven effective and reasonably inexpensive.

For Your First Visit With Dr Clark

Once you arrive at the office of Harold Chandler Clark, M.D., you’ll be greeted by our caring, passionate and friendly staff. We’ll consult you as well as go over your complete medical history. This means discussing your current health concerns, past medical history as well as family medical history.

Our staff will speak with you regarding your current intake of vitamins, supplements and (or) pharmaceutical prescriptions.

Your lifestyle habits including diet, nutrition, exercise and other variables will be discussed.

On a special note, it would be very helpful if you had in your possession any recent medical records available as well as lab or test results for us to review in accordance with your exam.

Once this has all been formulated, we’ll begin arranging a thorough but perfectly comfortable physical examination for you.

What’s Involved In Our Physical Exams?

After one of our patients is comfortably and thoroughly examined, we’ll utilize a number of alternative as well as conventional tests so that we cover every component of the body.

*IV Infusion Therapy will be recommended if deemed necessary

What Is Alternative Integrative Medicine?

People’s perception of today’s alternative medicine is often twisted, to say the least. There’s a distinct difference between integrative alternative medicine and standard alternative medicine. When people think of alternative medicine, they may believe that it’s not effective, and not safe. What most people today compare that to is known as “Conventional Medicine” or the type of treatment you would get at the hospital or a standard primary care doctor’s office.

Alternative Integrative medicine is like the best of both worlds. Any therapy that is typically excluded from the “conventional medicine” umbrella would be known as an “alternative medicine.” When we practice Alternative Integrative medicine, we are working to health the entirety of a person. This would include your body, mind and soul.

What you should know is that our treatment methods take into account “all appropriate therapies” in order to provide maximum in treatment. We look at your lifestyle habits, medical history, mental health, physical health and much more to provide the very best in health care. So our services are not just restricted to alternative medicine. We take every component of your body into mind when treating you and we believe this is the approach toward the peak of health and happiness.

Our philosophy does not reject either side of conventional or alternative medicine. Depending on our condition, Dr. Clark will utilize all effective treatment remedies to heal you. This is something that most primary care offices do not offer. Our treatment involves practical medicine as well as natural, non-invasive procedures that take into account your body’s full health paradigm. We believe that our integrative approach should be backed up by science so that we can measure a treatment’s effectiveness. Our end goal is to make you our partner in a quest to keep you as healthy as possible at all times.

The Treatments We Provide for You

Why Alternative Integrative Medicine?

At the office of Harold Chandler Clark, M.D. in New Rochelle, NY; we believe in treating the whole person, not just the disease. Many patients come in consistently for treatment related to chronic illness and many other health woes. To be more specific, combined with conventional medicine, we use Naturopathic as well as Homeopathic care to help heal. These two types of treatment help balance the body so that it can perform at it’s full, natural potential in healing your ailments.

We will work to optimize the metabolic function in your body all the while investigating which systems are being overstressed. Once we’re able to determine the overburdened systems of your body, we can treat the causes of your illness and not just the symptoms. So you can think of Alternative Integrative medicine as a root approach toward focusing on healing the damaged parts of your body and healing them so that you can recover from illness.