Ozone Therapy Treatment in Westchester County, NY

Ozone is a gas that has no color and is made from three oxygen atoms. Alternative medicine in Westchester County, NY uses this treatment to help the body take in and disperse the right amount of oxygen throughout the body. The therapy is also used to wake up the immune system so that the body can fight any infections or injuries.

Medicinally ozone therapy can provide disinfection and treatment of medical conditions by stifling the work of bacteria. Viruses cannot thrive when ozone therapy is utilized and protozoa, fungi, and yeast cannot colonize and grow.

Ozone Therapy Explained

Ozone therapy can be administered via injection. It can treat a vast array of medical issues. Ozone (the colorless gas we spoke on) is the primary element used in ozone therapy. Through research the belief is that ozone therapy has been used for medicine for over fifteen decades. Medicinally, ozone therapy is used a disinfectant while treating illnesses.

The therapy assists the body in the intake and utilization of oxygen. This wakes up the body’s ability to fight through the immune system. The utilization of gas as a treatment for illness is unorthodox. For this reason carefully monitored and measured techniques are used. Ozone can be high in toxicity if it is inhaled.

How Ozone Therapy has Been Used Today & In the Past

During WWI ozone therapy was used for wound care. Not only did they find that there were disinfecting abilities, but the therapy prompted the blood to flow properly and inflammation receded in the patient. For over fifteen decades ozone therapy has been used to treat many patients. Fast forward over 100 years, and researchers found that ozone therapy was instrumental in helping AIDS patients prior to the discovery of the oral medications that are now administered.

Today there are a number of conditions that are treated with oxygen therapy by our professionals in Westchester County. They include (but are not limited to):

Even though ozone is just a gas, technological developments make it possible for it to be utilized in many forms including:

The Benefits Our Ozone Therapy Treatments Will Provide You

Water that has gone through ozonation can help your brain operate optimally, help your body battle bacteria, and ramp up the healing process. There are many positive side effects that patients report include the hair and nails becoming stronger and longer. The skin will shine with the radiance of a glow that whispers health to everyone that you cross paths with. Patients also have reported increased energy and falling asleep much easier at night.

If you are looking for a trustworthy alternative medicine doctor you can search Westchester County, NY for alternative medicine. Many promising experiments have been done regarding how the gas can benefit healthcare the include (but are not limited to):



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