Ultraviolet Light Therapy in Westchester County, NY

Light therapy is also called phototherapy. Light therapy uses UV light to heal a number of conditions. The treatment has been used on a global level for just shy of a century. UV Light Therapy has been a tool in treating many skin disorders that are chronic such as (but not limited to):

Treatments used by Dr. Clark Infusion Therapy Center in Westchester, NY may hit the immune system in the patient exist but UV therapy makes the local immunity of the skin decrease. In the treatment of psoriasis, the therapy can bog down the body’s ability to develop the scaliness of the patient’s thick skin.

When treating vitiligo, the therapy provides added capability to wake up the melanocytes, The components of UV therapy combine to make a life changing choice for psoriasis patients who do not like the feel of creams or those who are seeking a more natural choice for a treatment option.

Light therapy is free of steroids and easily controlled. If a psoriasis patient is pregnant then light therapy is an excellent choice. It works well for children as well. If you are not sure if phototherapy is good for you or not, contact Dr. Clark in Scarsdale, NY today for an assessment.

The Safety of Phototherapy

If phototherapy is used responsibly it is a very safe choice for treatment. Studies have shown that there is no reason to fear any association between the light therapy and basal cell carcinoma, melanoma, or squamous cell carcinoma. Target therapy focuses the healing effect of the light to the skin that is affected by disease and disorder. This practice keep unnecessary exposure to the surrounding areas at bay.

There are constant advances in the field of photo-medicine and Dr. Clark keeps up with all of them. When it is combined with a variant of therapies the healing process can being earlier and decrease the ultraviolet exposure in the patient. If you do not have a Dr. to administer UV therapy safely, you may want to contact the doctor in White Plains NY or the surrounding areas for an assessment.

How Often Does a Patient Need Phototherapy?

Treatments are usually given as three sessions in the span of a week. Psoriasis patients report to see a visible difference within fourteen days of the first treatment. Psoriasis patients usually require up to 20 treatments in order to be free and clear of breakouts. Some go into complete remission. UV Light Therapy becomes a tad bit complex with vitiligo patients. Elements that need to be considered when figuring out the right treatment are:

The best chance for response to the therapy is if treatment begins within the two year anniversary of diagnosis. Treatment on the face and the neck is usually a responsive area. The vitiligo should be stable and there should be no visible evidence that the vitiligo is active. If the patient is symptomatic that the vitiligo is active aggressive therapy will be needed.

Oral steroids will be joining forces with the phototherapy. The typical response time for treatment is any wear from 24 to 36 sessions. Some patients are slower to respond and changes are not seen until 72 sessions. Repigmentation occurs quicker in areas of the body that have hair follicles such as the face, legs, back, rear end, or the arms and armpits.

My Treatment Dosage Keeps Changing

During the time you are receiving treatment your skin acclimates to the dosage that is being delivered. If healing is going to be ongoing the dose of UV light that is delivered to target spots on your body needs to be increased. All bodies respond differently to the treatment and different spots on the flesh react differently.

After Your Clearance

Once your goals for your skin are reached, maintenance is a good idea. This involves making a plan to ease up on treatment dosage and how often you are getting treated. The immune system may get wonky if stress or trauma, or any unpredictable stressor in life trigger hormonal changes. Your treatment dosage may need to be adjusted to keep your skin clear.

Any changes that occur with your psoriasis need to be discussed with your physician. If you don’t have a physician yet, the office of Dr. Clark Infusion Therapy Center in Westchester County NY can meet with you to devise a treatment plan. They treat patients throughout New Rochelle and Westchester County, NY.

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