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Laser therapy is a treatment that is non-invasive. Through the utilization of laser energy, photochemical response is generated in tissue that has been injured or is dysfunctional due to disease. The therapy can ease pain, bring down any inflammation, and ramp up recovery time for a vast array of chronic and acute conditions. Dr. Clark in Westchester County NY is an expert in the administration of laser therapy.

The number one goal when treating patients is to simultaneously treat pain stemming from conditions that debilitate the patient while facilitating improvements in mobility and overall function. The treatment does not include any drugs or surgical techniques to achieve this goal. Laser therapy was given the thumbs up by the FDA in the year 2003.

For musculoskeletal conditions, Class IV therapy is the standard for treatment. There is a rising number of clinicians, such as Dr. Clark in Scarsdale, NY who are integrating laser therapy into their daily practice due in part by the expanding works of literature that are in support of how efficiently laser therapy works to ease inflammation and speed up recovery time.

The treatment has several endorsement from professional organizations including:

The Benefits of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can be used to go deep into the tissue. This dosage accelerate the body’s all natural ability to heal itself through a technique called Photobiostimulation. Concrete proof of the beneficial properties of laser therapy can be attested to by the patient and the clinician. The treatment is beneficial to patients with chronic and acute health conditions and also for pain after surgery. If you believe you will benefit from laser therapy, contact Dr. Clark. He treats patients throughout Westchester County, NY.

The Basics of Our Laser Therapy Treatment for You

Proper treatment is backed by the intensity of the laser light and the dosage. The best treatment dosage administered to patients will spawn consistency in the best outcomes. Class IV laser therapy penetrates deep in the tissue with positive results that are reproducible. Wattage that is high spawns quicker treatment and the outcome is one that is impossible with wattage laser that are low.

Why Choose Laser Therapy?

The utilization of the laser allows the clinician to provide patients with a wide array of choice when it comes down to determining the best approach to treating and injury that is challenging. The therapy is unique. It can be used as:

Laser therapy in a powerful pain management too that is used by the trainers in major sports leagues such as the NFL and the NBA. Olympic teams also use it. Athletes of elite status are active playing status faster when laser therapy is administered. Treatments are done by the laser therapy being targeted directly on the patient’s skin in the problem area. The light from the laser will not penetrate through layers of fabric, therefore the area needing treatment should be exposed.

The warmth from the layer will trigger a soothing sensation. This form of treatment urges your body to heal itself. We all have our own healing powers. The body will continue to feel the effects of the laser for 18 to 24 hours after the process has completed.

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