IV Infusion Therapy in Westchester County, NY

IV therapy is a way of giving the body the nutrients it needs quickly. The process of an infusion releases vitamins straight into the bloodstream and in the process the digestive system is bypassed to give the patient fast results with effective outcomes.

Infusions like this have been administered in medical facilities for decades to treat dehydrated patients and/or patients that cannot handle food by mouth. Advances in this process have made it a reality for vitamin deficient patients to rebound within hours by rehydration of your body and a revitalization of how the patient feels.

Vitamin infusions are customized to each patient to meet their individualized health requirements and be sure that they are fully satisfied with their outcome. When you go to Dr. Harold Clark in Westchester County, NY you will receive IV therapy to give you a boost in your overall well being and mend your general health. There are a great amount of benefits that accompany the administration of an infusion, especially if you have a history of chronic health problems that aren’t helped by a dietary shift.

If you have been considering IV therapy, some of the beneficial attributes of infusions are (but not limited to) the following:

Vitamins are absorbed better. There are certain meds and health problems that can stagnate your body’s natural ability to absorb all of the nutrients it needs to work the right way. Infusions make it possible to be at peace with the absorption of vitamins into your bloodstream so that your body can start to use the nutrients right away.

Ramp up your energy level and ward off fatigue. By giving your immunity a boost you can also fight off the common cold and any other respiratory bugs that are going around. Anxiety and depression are also eased.

IV infusion therapy is one of the quickest ways to give your body the best hydration needed to feed the vital organs within. Medical problems like kidney stones, and even constipation, can be avoided.

Treatments are speedy. It takes no time to get a treatment and be back out the door. Most infusions are done within an hour. All you need do is relax while you receive the infusion in a relaxed environment.

There are quite a few treatments that are available. The Myers cocktail is good for patients who need relief from allergies and muscle spasms, and restoring the energy in someone who is fatigued. It has Vitamins B and C in it along with calcium and magnesium.

Through the administration of IV therapy, the reliance on meds can be decreased. You can work with Dr. Clark in Scarsdale, NY and the surrounding areas to find the right cocktail for your needs.

Infusions can be used ideally as a preventative therapy. Vitamin C as a therapy have proven to be a poison for cells that are cancerous. They also build up immunity a great deal. If the infusions are being given on a regular bases they can also prevent respiratory issues and migraine headaches.

When you eat food it can take up to two days for your body to completely digest what you ate. If you receive your nutrients via an infusion, you can feel the positive effects immediately. Within hours you should feel the increase in your energy. Clarity in your thinking and improvement in your mood are the effects of the infusion as well.

There are so many reasons why you should consider starting IV infusion therapy. Even if you’re unsure, contact us today in White Plains, NY and the surrounding areas to set up an appointment to discuss how you can benefit from therapy.

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