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platelet rich plasma specialists westchester NYPRP Therapy in New Rochelle & Westchester County, NY

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma. At this point in time, it can be seen as somewhat of a new medical technique yet it’s actually been around since the 90’s. Dentists and oral surgeons have traditionally used it to treat patients in need of soft tissue recovery after plastic surgery had occurred.

At the office of Harold Chandler Clark, M.D. we specialize in PRP therapy for patients all throughout Westchester County, NY and New Rochelle.

Why Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy in Westchester County, NY & New Rochelle?

Platelets happen to be a very important component of your blood. They are vital for their clogging abilities. What enables your cut to heal on its own and “clot” is something which the platelets in your blood are completely responsible for.

Without all the medical complexities, we’ll just say that Platelets are an enormous source of healing in the human body. They play a vital role in tissue regeneration, repair and healing. We often refer to PRP as “Regenerative Medicine” because it’s essentially expedited healing.

How is PRP Therapy Administered

In a twenty-minute amount of time, one of our doctors will take about 30 millimeters of a patient’s blood. We use a centrifuge and place your blood sample inside. In effect, this will separate the platelet-rich plasma from the other elements of your blood.

Our doctors will then inject the concentrated platelets from the centrifuge into the area of your injury. This is an important and worthwhile procedure because platelets operate as a natural site for growth that is essential to repairing injured tissues.

The Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments for Our Patients in Westchester County, NY & New Rochelle

PRP Doctor in Westchester County NYThere are numerous injuries that can be treated effectively using PRP. The true beauty lies in the initial treatment procedure. We don’t use any drugs; all our methods are completely safe and it’s non-surgical. Most people already know that platelets from blood will help seal a cut. However, we researchers have found that blood platelets will do far more than just coagulate and put a halt to blood flow. If you are injured and are looking to speed up the recovery process, then PRP treatment is for you.

Affordably Priced: In comparison to open or even minimally invasive surgery, the costs of PRP therapy are far less.

Safe Procedure: On top of having doctors present, your procedure will be performed in office and on an out-patient basis. It involves very few complications or issues.

Fast Recovery Times: After inflammation from the procedure goes away (10-14 days), most of our patients will see significant healing improvement within 4 to 6 weeks.

Organic Healing: Since our procedure is not surgical and it involves your own blood’s platelets, it’s completely self-sustaining. All you’ll have to undergo is an injection and they won’t produce any scars. Your platelets are all that’s needed to begin the healing process.

What Kind of Injuries Does PRP Therapy Treat?

We’re happy to say that we’ve found Platelet-Rich Plasma treatments to be highly successful in treating muscle, ligament, tendon, and cartilage injuries. The activation of platelets at the site of an injury play an important role in the process of soft tissue and wound healing in the body.

Tendon Injury Treatment

If you fail to get the proper comfort or healing after a tendon injury even after following rest/physical therapy guidelines, it may be a good idea to seek out PRP treatment. The natural healing components in your blood will work to improve joint function, repair damage to tendon tissue and reduce overall pain.

Muscle & Acute Ligament Injury Treatment

Many muscle or ligament industries are especially common among athletes. In conventional medicine, patients are told to heal using rest, ice, compression and elevation. However, most of the time, the results prove to be poor. Studies have shown that PRP therapy may have benefits associated with the steady release of cytokines and growth patterns regarding supra-physiological concentrations of platelets which we use to kick start the repair of your muscles.

Arthritis of the Knee Treatment

Even though it’s still not considered a standard practice, a widely growing number of people are seeking out PRP therapy to treat knee osteoarthritis and other joints. The benefits are very clear from the onset. Our Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment will help with a reduction in arthritic pain, improve the functioning of your joints, and possibly slow down or even fix damage to your cartilage.

Fracture Treatment

If you’ve ever fractured a bone or recently have and are in the process of recovering, we’re sorry to hear so. It’s a very painful event to experience and treatment can seem very slow. At the office of Harold Chandler Clark, M.D., we provide PRP therapy to those with bone fractures. Doctors have actually been using platelets to help heal bone fractures since the 90’s. Even celebrities such as Tiger Woods have had the procedure done.

PRP has had varying degrees of success depending on each patient’s individual case. Due to many studies, it’s been shown that Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy can help expedite the healing process for those with fractured bones.

Surgical Recovery Treatment

There’s not too much which can be done from a medical perspective to lessen the extent of recovery times after a surgery. We’re proud to tell you that we are now offering PRP therapy treatment as an option to patients seeking help in speeding up the recovery process after plastic surgery.

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